Information to presenters

Oral presentation

Video connector is HDMI or VGA (Dsub) in Oral2 (Colloquim) and Oral3 (Conference Hall). Only VGA in Oral1 (Grand Hall). Oral presentations have a 15 minutes slot. Please prepare your slide that lasts for up to 12 minutes maximum to allow 3 minutes for discussion.

Poster presentation

The poster board is 120 cm in width and 210 cm in height. So size of a poster should be Din A0 vertical.
The title and authors must appear at the top of the poster.
Poster number will be indicated by small piece of paper on the top left.

All poster should be displayed throught the day. Plese setup your poster in the morning irrespective odd/even number.
Duty time of odd/even number poster is morning/afternoon, respectively. See schedule for detail.