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Welcome to the 15th Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are delighted to welcome you all to the 15th APCV in Osaka, Japan.
   Vision science benefits from highly interdisciplinary research, from physiology to social behavior, engineering, and art. Recent advances of computational approaches boost interdisciplinary collaborations. We are convinced that APCV is one of the best conferences for diverse and fascinating discussions for all topics related to vision and beyond. To expand our understanding of related fields further, APCV2019 invites internationally distinguished researchers for keynotes from very different disciplines. This year, the conference program includes four keynotes, 13 symposia, 50 talks, and 220 poster presentations, and is the largest one in the history of APCV. We sincerely hope that this conference will be as successful as the previous APCVs.
   In addition to Europe (ECVP) and north America (VSS), the Asia-Pacific is now the third largest region in vision science in terms of the number of researchers. APCV gives us opportunity to gather at one place with short trips and small jet-lags without having to invert day and night. And relatively low costs of travel help young researchers to join. To further this goal, registration fee for graduate students is reduced, and undergraduate students can attend without any charges.
    We hope all of you have an enjoyable stay in Osaka, where one can find interesting parks, historical places, and research institutes as well as excellent local food and dishes.
    August in Japan is going to be hot. We encourage you to check weather forecasts, wear cool clothes, and drink water during your stay in Osaka.

Izumi Ohzawa, Chair
Takao Sato, Chair
Kowa Koida, Executive chair
Organizing Committee APCV2019

About APCV2019 logo

The logo is inspired by the famous Rene Descartes’ illustration of mind/body dualism (link). The illustration shows sensory inputs of two eyes are integrated at a single organ in the brain, what he called the “epiphysis”, then the organ send motor command to muscle of the arm pointing the target. The logo is also inspired by the Tower of the sun (link), created by artist Taro Okamoto. Standing 70 meters tall tower is located in the Expo Commemoration Park, where only 2 min monorail ride from Unobe station. The tower is weird land mark of Osaka. Illustration by Kowa koida.

Organizing committee 実行委員会

Chairs 大会長

  • Izumi Ohzawa (CiNet, Osaka Univ) 大澤五住
  • Takao Sato (Ritsumeikan Univ) 佐藤隆夫

Executive Chair 実行委員長

  • Kowa Koida (Toyohashi Univ of Tech) 鯉田孝和

Committee members 実行委員

  • Hiroshi Ashida (Kyoto Univ) 蘆田宏
  • Kaoru Amano (CiNet, NICT) 天野薫
  • Chieko Koike (Ritsumeikan Univ) 小池千恵子
  • Ichiro Fujita (CiNet, Osaka Univ) 藤田一郎
  • Hidetoshi Kanaya (Ritsumeikan Univ) 金谷英俊
  • Akiyoshi Kitaoka (Ritsumeikan Univ) 北岡明佳
  • Ichiro Kuriki (Tohoku Univ) 栗木一郎
  • Takashi Murakami (Ritsumeikan Univ) 村上嵩至
  • Shin'ya Nishida (Kyoto univ, NTT) 西田眞也
  • Takahiro Kawabe (NTT) 河邉隆寛
  • Tatsuya Sato (Ritsumeikan Univ) サトウタツヤ
  • Masataka Sawayama (NTT) 澤山正貴
  • Satoshi Shioiri (Tohoku Univ) 塩入諭

Abstract review committee

  • Akiyoshi Kitaoka (Ritsumeikan Univ) 北岡明佳
  • Atsushi Wada (CiNet, NICT) 和田充史
  • Chia-huei Tseng (Tohoku Univ) 曽 加蕙
  • Chieko Koike (Ritsumeikan Univ) 小池千恵子
  • Hidetoshi Kanaya (Ritsumeikan Univ) 金谷英俊
  • Hiromasa Takemura (CiNet, NICT) 竹村 浩昌
  • Hiroshi Ashida (Kyoto Univ) 蘆田 宏
  • Hiroshi Ban (CiNet, NICT) 番 浩志
  • Hiroshi Tamura (CiNet, Osaka Univ) 田村 弘
  • Ichiro Fujita (CiNet, Osaka Univ) 藤田一郎
  • Ichiro Kuriki (Tohoku Univ) 栗木一郎
  • Izumi Ohzawa (CiNet, Osaka Univ) Izumi Ohzawa (CiNet, Osaka Univ) 大澤五住
  • Jun Saiki (Kyoto Univ) 齋木 潤
  • Kaoru Amano (CiNet, NICT) 天野 薫
  • Katsunori Kitano (Ritsumeikan Univ) 北野勝則
  • Kota Sasaki (CiNet, Osaka Univ) 佐々木耕太
  • Kowa Koida (Toyohashi Univ of Tech) 鯉田孝和
  • Masataka Sawayama (NTT) 澤山正貴
  • Mikio Inagaki (CiNet, Osaka Univ) 稲垣未来男
  • Naokazu Goda (NIPS) 郷田直一
  • Satoshi Shioiri (Tohoku Univ) 塩入 諭
  • Shin'ya Nishida (NTT) 西田眞也
  • Takahiro Kawabe (NTT) 河邉隆寛
  • Takahisa Sanada (Kansai Medical Univ) 真田尚久
  • Tetsuya Yagi (Osaka Univ) 八木哲也
  • Tomoyuki Naito (Osaka Univ) 内藤智之
  • Yuji Wada (Ritsumeikan Univ) 和田有史
  • Yuki Hayashida (Osaka Univ) 林田祐樹


  • Vision Society of Japan 日本視覚学会 [web]
  • Vision Science Forum 視覚科学フォーラム[web]
  • Osaka university 大阪大学
  • Ritsumeikan university 立命館大学


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